Aerotropolis Atlanta Podcast

Carmenlita Scott | episode 9 | Aerotropolis Atlanta Podcast

January 7, 2019

The Aerotropolis Atlanta Collectives are action committees that focus on organizing and aligning stakeholder interests in the Aerotropolis area. The formation of Collectives is a key strategy of the Blueprint to implement the vision of the Aerotropolis. 

Host: Shannon James; President & CEO at Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance

Guest: Carmenlita Scott; President & CEO of the Airport Chamber


1:08 - Carmenlita's background and role

5:47 - History of the Airport Chamber

8:15 - Airport Chamber leadership

10:45 - Objectives of the Airport Chamber 

12:50 - Plan activities of the Airport Chamber

15:50 - Airport Chamber & Aerotropolis partnership

21:40 - In closing